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About Us

OdiaBazar - India’s Largest Traditional Online Shopping Site!, OdiaBazar is to create India’s most reliable, frictionless and Traditional Ecommerce that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers.

After havoc cyclone FANI on 3rd May 2019, a team of 4 people visited the artisans affected villages of Pipili, Raghurajpur, Sakhigopal, Dandasahi, Delang of Puri District.

The artisans clusters of different districts witnessed the major craft that suffered the wrath of cyclone was handlooms, handicrafts and agriculture.

The experienced artisans show their concern, their work is not visible in terms of networking and marketing of the products. was started to showcase the skills of the artisans and support them. Odia Bazar e commerce portal and app’s purpose is to connect the rural artisans living in the remote pockets of Odisha with the clientele base and committed towards the upliftment of traditional artisans and making them financially independent and improve the quality of lives of tribal, rural and urban artisans of Odisha with a primary focus on their livelihood opportunities.

Buying a product through certainly will support the deprived artisans in right place to make a Center for Excellence connecting local & global marketing through e-commerce. Our motto is to inspire the genuine contributor who will work towards the Culture and heritage of Odisha. OdiaBazar is a traditional market place that enabled to provide the Tribal Products, Handloom and Handicraft, Home Decor at one place.

OdiaBazar directly interact with the artisans, Producer Groups and SHGs, Community Based Organizations to collectively market their products online, where they can freely realize their full potential and lead their life with dignity and self respect and improve their quality of life.

Just with a click of mouse at our shopping site, choose your favourite item to get the same at your door steps with prompt delivery.

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